Signs of Pregnancy Essentials

For many women, it’s very difficult for them to be able to tell if they are actually pregnant or not during the first few weeks. Hence, it would be very important to determine if a woman is pregnant as soon as possible in order to prepare herself as well as the husband to what is coming and are bound to happen. Pregnancy is a delicate matter where the woman’s hormonal balance is altered which makes her act and think differently. Without further adieu, here are some of the common signs of pregnancy.

Observing Signs Of Pregnancy

  • The first signs of pregnancy would be a missed menstrual cycle. However, some women still get a period even while they are pregnant. This is less likely to occur, but it does happen.
  • The second most common signs of pregnancy would have to be nausea. More often than not, a women will get sick to her stomach when she is impregnated, this is usually the worst in the very beginning. As the body goes on to get used to the change, this symptom usually subsides, if not all the way, it at least gets dramatically better over time.
  • Other earliest signs of pregnancy include headaches, sensitive breasts, cramping and so many physical changes in the woman’s body.

With those mentioned above in mind, some of the signs of pregnancy are actually unnoticeable thus may also seem to be normal. If a women is having either of these pregnant symptoms and thinks that she may be pregnant, it’s best to go ahead and get a pregnancy test done as soon as possible. The sooner you know, the sooner you can prepare for it.

Besides the missed period and the sick tummy feeling, a lot of women complain of having to go to the bathroom a lot more frequently than they did before. This is caused due to the pressure on top of the uterus is heavier than before. During the first signs of pregnancy, it is important to listen to your body and try to be aware of anything even the tiniest bit different. Also, as a stage to the first signs of pregnancy, or early signs of pregnancy first 3 weeks, there is usually at least some amount of breast tenderness, and it may be more tender in some women than it is in others. Every women is vastly different. Below are the two common methods in testing pregnancy.

Urine Test

The urine test is probably the most common and cheapest method in testing pregnancy. One can easily purchase one in drug stores or even convenient stores. It doesn’t need prescription thus can be tested over and over if you want to if one experiences some of the listed signs of pregnancy. Although they are accurate, there are rare cases of giving false-positive results. So it is still highly recommended to consult a doctor once tested positive in a urine test before making a conclusion.

Blood Test

The blood test runs on the same principle like the urine test where it measures changes in the woman’s Human Chorionic Gonadotrpin (HCG) hormone. However, a blood test can only be done by a medical professional thus is more expensive than the urine test.

Having a baby come into your life can certainly be one of the most exciting, scary, wonderful and best times of your life. However, if it is not planned for, and it comes with some amount of surprise, it’s always a lot more stressful that way. This is why it is crucial that the female look for the earliest signs of pregnancy as soon as she thinks it may be possible. The earlier a woman is aware that she is pregnant, she will be able to go and begin to have regular ob-gyn visits, which is essential to having a healthy baby. There are tests that need to be done to ensure a healthy and good development of the baby. There is a limited amount of time for all this, so if you are able to recognize those signs of pregnancy quickly, it will help you tremendously. This way, you can concentrate on what is most important, taking care of yourself and that baby.