Understanding Cramps During Early Pregnancy

A woman will encounter many changes as she goes through the pregnancy. But not all women experience the same, especially during the first trimester. Some women may complain of cramps during early pregnancy and some may not. Sometimes, these cramps are thought of as the sign for their incoming period, but then for others who are waiting for a baby thought of it as the baby is moving, which is really not the case. Hence, you can consider cramps as one of the signs of pregnancy.

Are cramps normal during early pregnancy? Yes, it does happen during the first trimester. There is really nothing to worry about it. Here are the common causes related to it.

Common Causes Of Cramps During Early Pregnancy

  • Cramps during early pregnancy may be caused by the movement of the fertilized egg cell to the uterine lining, which is known as implantation. It is really amazing how this phenomenon happens and that it may actually give you cramps.
  • This fertilized egg, as expected will grow with time. It will not stay with that status and will definitely increase in size. This is another reason to experience menstrual cramps during early pregnancy.
  • Women have two hormones that go up and down throughout their lives. During pregnancy, progesterone is at its peak and it remains like that as it is the hormone responsible for pregnancy. This is also responsible in preparing the womb for pregnancy. And this change in hormone can also cause cramps during early pregnancy.
  • And since progesterone is up throughout the pregnancy, this can cause build up of gas in the stomach that causes stomach cramps during early pregnancy.

As mentioned, this condition is normal. If ever you experience cramps, do not ever try to take any kind of medicine for pain if it caused you discomfort. A pregnant woman is never prescribed a medication as this can affect the development of the baby. You don’t want your baby to have any inborn condition right?

How To Prevent and Treat Cramps During Early Pregnancy


  1. Apply heat compress over your lower abdomen.
  2. Eat various healthy foods.
  3. Increase your fiber as constipation is common during pregnancy
  4. Drink right amount of fluids.


Cramps during early pregnancy sometimes are related to some undesirable conditions such as ectopic pregnancy. It is also advisable to consult a medical professional once you experienced this to ensure our safety and your baby.